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Hi, my friends!

Thank you so much for visiting Musical Fun with Mr. Hyson. 
I would really like to share some of my fun music with YOU!
Did you know that I have a special music performance just for YOU?
Well, I Do!!

My goal for every child, as they leave the performance, is to feel better about themselves, remember to treat others with love and respect,
 have confidence to try new things,
and leave smiling because they had sooooo much fun.

Hyson ProductionsHyson ProductionsMusic, dancing, singing, clapping, running,
jumping, screaming, laughing,
and so much more.

During the performance, you will have the opportunity to express yourselves through singing, dancing, screaming, running,
skipping and sharing.

ropeGuess what?  I have jump ropes, Hawaiian leis, inflatable instruments, real instruments, cool sun glasses, and other stuff to keep you moving and making noise… good noise…. loud noise …  fun noise.

~available for parties, family reunions, school functions, public libraries, summer camps, day cares, and church events~

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Listen to my tunes


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