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Kick off your “Back to School” Night

or other event with

Musical Fun with Mr. Hyson

Elementary School Blues

30-45 Minutes of Musical Fun
for the Whole Family

Themes: Friendship, Perseverance, Goal Setting

Interactive         Engaging             Positive
Inspiring                     Motivating            Entertaining
Please Contact
Leroy Hyson
or email

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Cloud Callout: Check out a few quotes by staff members of    Anne Arundel County Public Library’s   “Wild about Reading”   Summer Reading Program  .     

“Thank you so much for such an outstanding program.  Highly enjoyed by children and parents.”
                                Cathy Butler, WestCounty’s Branch cbutler@aacpl.net

“Mr. Hyson has a spark of energy that is truly amazing”
                        Patricia Guyton, South County Branch, pguton@aacpl.net

“Absolutely kid friendly. Mr. Hyson not only exhibited energy and enthusiasm himself; he also brought out those qualities in his appreciative audience.”
                        Wanda Wagner, NorthCounty Branch, wwagner@aacpl.net

“The interaction with the children was wonderful and it really made the program a success.”
                                Terri Tresp, Provinces Branch, ttresp@aacpl.net

“Mr. Hyson’s music and interactions jazzed up kids & adults alike.  Magnificent interaction- everyone who wanted to participate, did.”
                        David Lapenotiere, Brooklyn Park Branch,dlapenotiere@aacpl.net

“A professional performance and wonderful fun with a positive & upbeat message, Mr. Hyson’s program drew everyone in.  He handled the crowd with true courtesy and skill.”
                        Jean Rheingrover, Crofton Branch, rrheingrover@aacpl.net


What is the age range for Musical Fun with Mr. Hyson?
Mr. Hyson’s show is ideal for children ages 4 -10.

Is the show entertaining?
Definitely, Mr. Hyson will have both children and adults up on their feet. 
“Absolutely kid friendly. Mr. Hyson not only exhibited energy and enthusiasm himself; he also brought out those qualities in his appreciative audience.”

What are the themes covered in Mr. Hyson’s show?
friendship- setting goals – perseverance- feelings - 
positive self-esteem

Is the audience engaged during Mr. Hyson’s show?
Mr. Hyson has children on stage and in the aisles dancing, singing, jumping rope, public speaking, screaming, and playing instruments.

How long is the show?
Mr. Hyson’s show is 45 minutes and can be adapted to fit your needs.

Does Mr. Hyson offer any songwriting workshops?
Mr. Hyson does a workshop on writing limerick poems for 3rd through 5th grade

What will the children learn?
The students will review the rhyming structure of limericks and compose a class song using original limericks.

How will the children share their poems?
Mr. Hyson will help the students perform their limericks for members of the school body.   

How do I get Mr. Hyson to come to my school or event?

Call 240-388-6741 or email | leroyhyson22@aol.com | mr.hyson@hysonproductions.com                   
Visit: www.hysonproductions.com

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Musical Fun